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There is no comparison in personal commitment, reinsurance knowledge, or match in expertise that LodeStar Re brings to position a reinsurance program designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries.


The reality about being an Independent Agent is, it’s hard. It’s competitive. But, being an Independent Agent at LodeStar Re doesn’t mean you are alone. We have set the bar in the reinsurance industry for support services and continue to raise it. Our agent program is different. Agents are vested, we share mutual goals.

Together, we deliver unmatched product selections to our
Industry Customers.


LodeStar Re's team of professionals have built successful reinsurance programs for almost 20-years.  They are leaders in the industry, depended on by other practitioners, and a trusted contributor to the realm of reinsurance world-wide.

Good Advice

Reliable information is the key to a successful reinsurance program. Some providers may tell you 'it's really not that complicated,' but in fact, well-structured, compliant programs have a lot of moving parts. Providers that downplay the mechanics of the process simply lack the knowledge necessary to maximize the potential behind this powerful vehicle. To minimize your risk, be sure to take a good look at who's behind the wheel.

                                                 5 questions to ask before signing or renewing a reinsurance agreement
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